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Vasudha's Own Kitchen

Food is art; food is love. Food is passion; food is health. I have already had a great interest and zeal for all things culinary, and in a healthy form. This passion egged me on to the world of cooking various dishes and experimenting with different types of food. This got me to start with vegetarian catering service. Given my partiality towards healthy meals, I try to create a more wholesome version of a dish. My range of dishes reflects my love for fresh and natural ingredients. The smell of fresh herbs entices me, including garden-fresh vegetables, fresh spices and whole grains. All these natural elements can be combined to produce dishes full of flavour, as well as dishes that are healthy.
People claim that they find my creations an intriguing mix of culinary innovation and tradition. I prefer to call it just good food. I cook Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Italian, Japanese and more.



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